Welcome to a little creative! I am a watercolor artist who loves to travel and paint. Having a bit of an addiction to art supplies, I have tried watercolors from Holland, France, Germany, United States, Japan, Korea, England and Russia. I have even tried making my own watercolors by hand. After traveling to Poland with my husband, I visited an art supply shop in Krakow, and came across Renesans watercolor paints. I knew that these watercolor paints were special, and I began importing them from Eastern Europe. They behave in a similar way to other handmade watercolors and have an unmatched depth of color.

The half pan range consists of 54 colours. These professional dry watercolor pans are made according to an old European recipe using gum arabic and carefully ground pigment, with acacia honey as a binder. These are produced almost entirely by hand to obtain the highest quality and purity. The watercolors are made from organic and inorganic pigments, including genuine Polish cadmium and cobalt. The product offers good solubility and high resistance to light: the watercolors are produced by hand and naturally dried.

The Intense range of extra-fine watercolors comes in tubes which include 70 colors; 50 of which were produced using only one pigment. These mix cleanly and beautifully making them excellent for professional use. These have the highest standards of stability, purity, solubility, and lightfastness. The Renesans company uses only the best raw materials. The honey used in the production is not only a preservative, it provides incomparable smoothness of paint. In addition to honey is the excellent quality of gum Arabic from Kordofan– region constituting the central and southern area of Sudan. The highest standards of artistic pigments ensure the highest lightfastness. These are large 15ml tubes. These are sold according to 3 grades depending on the pigment used.